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Patient Transport


Booking Non-Emergency Patient Transport (NEPT) 

NEPT is available to take eligible patients to and from their hospital and clinic appointments. 

Patient eligibility should be assessed by their GP in accordance with criteria (found below) set out in guidance issued by the Department of Health. 

Where possible, patient transport should be booked with a least one week’s notice of the appointment. The transport service will try to accommodate requests received with less notice, but they cannot guarantee that transport can be provided in such cases. 

G4S will conduct patient transport for non-emergency appointments on weekdays where possible and with prior arrangement. 

Non-emergency patient transport can be arranged for weekends for Queens and King George Hospital, depending on capacity and early prior booking 

How to book NEPT: 

    • GP to confirm patient’s eligibility for transport. 
    • Practice/GP to complete ALL sections of the booking form (guidance on how to complete this form) clearly stating the medical reason the patient is eligible in the “additional information” section. Do not attach the patient’s medical/appointment records to the form. 
    • Email completed form to:  Faxes will not be accepted. Do not attach the patient’s medical/appointment records to the form.
    • The CCGs will contact the practice with any queries. If the form meets the eligibility criteria the request will be approved and emailed back to the practice. 
    • The practice can then book transport directly with G4S by emailing the completed form to:  
    • Practices should call G4S to confirm their booking on 020 8970 8101 or 01708 435590.
    • If there is no transport available with G4S, the practice should email the CCGs  who will advise on an alternative transport provider.
    • Once booked, if there are any issues or queries with a patient’s transport, or it needs to be changed or cancelled, the practice should contact G4S directly on: 020 8970 8101 or 01708 435590.
    • Please note: G4S do not facilitate transport for A&E and dental appointments.




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