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January 2017


Date: 10/01/2017

Time: 1.30pm – 3.30pm             

Venue: Myplace, 343 Dagnam Park Drive, Harold Hill, RM3 9EN

Interim Clinical Leads: Dr D Derby & Dr J Gupta

SMT Lead: Jordanna Hamberger - Primary Care Transformation & Commissioning Manager

Practice Improvement Lead: Khalid Ali






Welcome and introductions

Interim Clinical Leads welcomed group and gave introductions.

Meetings will initially be monthly. Network can amend in future meetings if necessary.

Clinical Leads



Understanding GP Networks in Havering

  • GPs will be making decisions with CCG support
  • STP (Sustainability & Transformation Plans) model sets out how the local system will improve health and wellbeing for the population, improve service quality and deliver financial stability and balance
  • Potential cost savings from collaboration e.g. HR/Policies
  • Potential to problem solve common problems such as CQC preparation

Clinical Leads

Further discussion at next meeting


Draft Terms of Reference

Amendments were made by the network:

 - The quorum is set at 70% of committee membership in accordance with ToR. The quorum should be rounded up to the next whole number in the event of there being an odd number of members.

 - Practices should send a representative to the meeting if unable to attend

Clinical Leads

CCG to amend TOR and resend to network for approval at next meeting


Primary Care Funding (how to claim backfill)

Backfill will be available at £85 per hour.

Clinical Leads

CCG to clarify the backfill process – how to claim and how it will be paid


Election process to identify Network Leads

Expression of interest will be sent out to practices. Nominees will then be sent out for vote to practices.

Clinical Leads

CCG to facilitate election






Date of next meeting: Thursday, 16th February 2017 1.30pm-3.30pm


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