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January 2017

Central Network Meeting

Date: 10/01/2017

Time: 1.00pm – 3.00pm

Venue: HCCG, 3rd Floor Imperial Offices, 2-4 Eastern Road, Romford, Essex, RM1 3PJ

Interim Clinical Leads: Dr R Chowdhury and Dr Aaron Patel

SMT Lead: Jordanna Hamberger - Primary Care Transformation & Commissioning Manager

Practice Improvement Lead: Monique Denham Item




Welcome and introductions

Interim Clinical Vice Lead welcomed group and gave introductions.

Network agreed to fortnightly meetings going forward

Clinical Leads

CCG clarified that meetings should be monthly


Understanding GP Networks in Havering

 Potential to use RMDU for free training

Potential to share staff – employing bank of clinical and non-clinical staff solely for network use

Training – CPEN funds available

Potential to problem solve common problems such as CQC preparation

 System migration to unify IT system

Protected time for non-clinical practice work

Clinical Leads

Further discussion at next meeting


Draft Terms of Reference

Amendments were made by the network:

- Group will be quorate with 9 out of 13 practices in attendance for voting

- Practices should send a representative to the meeting if unable to attend

Clinical Leads

CCG to amend TOR and resend to network for approval at next meeting


Primary Care Funding (how to claim backfill)

Backfill will be available at £85 per hour for GP representative

Clinical Leads

CCG to clarify the backfill process – how to claim and how it will be paid


Election process to identify Network Leads

Expression of interest will be sent out to practices. Nominees will then be sent out for vote to practices.

Clinical Leads

CCG to facilitate election





Date of next meeting: Tuesday 7th February 2017 1pm-3pm

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