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Flu immunisation programme 2021/22

From 25 October, you may order flu vaccinations from the Nationally held stock.  London Region Immunisation Team is pleased to attach a slide-set that outlines the ordering process.  Please note:

  • This stock is available free of charge and you should order what you need to meet patient demand.
  • The link to the order form is given on page two.
  • Although you may start ordering from 25 October 2021, stock from Sequirus and Viatris (formerly Mylan) will be available from mid-November and stock from Sanofi Pasteur will be available from early November
  • Please allow two weeks for stock to arrive
  • Please note Supemtek® does not come with needles and you will be required to provide or order your own needles
  • The additional stock can be used to vaccinate frontline healthcare workers and patients in the eligible cohorts
  • QIVr is suitable for adults 18 to 64 years old, and suitable for adults over 65 years where aQIV is not available
  • If you access national stock, you should have exhausted all of your local stock first. You should not have any unused local stock if you have accessed additional stock. Manufacturers will also require you to confirm as part of the declaration process for ordering additional stock that you will not return any  stock you have previously ordered directly from them. 


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