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February 2017

South Network Meeting

Date: 16/02/2017

Time: 1.30pm – 3.30pm

Venue: HCCG, 3rd Floor Imperial Offices, 2-4 Eastern Road, Romford, Essex, RM1 3PJ

Clinical Leads: Dr J O’Moore

SMT Lead: Jordanna Hamberger - Primary Care Transformation & Commissioning Manager

Practice Improvement Lead: Monique Denham





Welcome and introductions

Clinical Leads


Network Leads Update

Dr Ann Baldwin introduced Dr John O’Moore as the appointed Clinical Lead for the South Network

It was noted that there was not a vote as stipulated in the Terms of Reference.

Dr Baldwin to email practices to vote on agreement to hold re-election and CCG to facilitate vote

Clinical Leads

Further discussion at next meeting


Sign Terms of Reference

All attendees signed the TOR – only 50% of the network have signed

Clinical Leads

To be signed by the remaining network members


Reminder – Understanding GP Networks in Havering

Query regarding wording of ‘Holds GP networks to account’

Clinical Leads

Primary Care representative to attend next meeting


CEG (Clinical Effectiveness Group) Diabetes LIS

CEG will be visiting practices individually.

CEG website:

Clinical Leads

CCG to send out CEG presentation and website details.



Primary Care Funding (how to claim backfill)

Backfill will be available at £85 per hour. Backfill process claim is being finalised and details will be emailed out to networks from the CCH

Discussion of potential business case to be added to next agenda

Diabetes LIS query – please define age criteria as not clear


CCG to clarify the backfill process – how to claim and how it will be paid

Add to March agenda

Clarification on age criteria of Diabetes LIS to be emailed to practices

Date of next meeting: Thursday, 9th March 2017 1.30pm-3.30pm


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