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Promoting GP Online

Most effective method for increasing Patient Online registration (Quick wins)

  •  New Patient Registration (opt-in rather than opt-out)
    • automatically register new patients for online access unless they opt out
  • Text message campaign
    • Text message campaign (MJOG, iPlato, EMIS etc.) to all patients over 16, with a mobile no to promote and ask them to reply if they are interested in registering (use email if cost is a barrier)
  • Setting target for reception staff
  • Disabling repeat prescription order/appointment booking on practice website
    • If you receive prescription orders via your practice website, disable this option and ask patients to register for GP online services instated.
  • PPG promotion
  • Pre-registering patients picking up scripts and attending appointments
    • Pre-register patients picking up their repeat prescription a day before (during your quiet time), when they come to pick up their script, ask them if they have access to the internet and if so use 'Professional' or 'Personal' vouching.
  • Increase the number of non-urgent appointments offered online
  • Update the practice website to give more prominence to Online Services, including the option for patients to access their Detailed Coded Records. (Include links to case study videos)
  • Register dummy patient for online services and circulate login details to all practice staff.
  • Encourage specialist Practice Nurses to offer online access to records for suitable patients with long-term conditions. (diabetic patients, COPD, COKD, Heart Disease etc.)
  • Increase the number of posters and leaflets advertising Online Services in public areas such as the front desk in reception, waiting rooms, toilet, dispensaries (where appropriate).
  • Advertise Online Services using media resources in waiting rooms, including Jayex boards and TV screens.
  • In areas where there are high numbers of patients for whom English is not the first language, promote use of Google Translate
  • Promote online access during Flu campaign / other campaigns
  • Add a voicemail on telephone answering system
  • Remind during telephone contact or face to face contact e.g. change language rather than ‘you can call the practice after 2pm’ – ‘your test result will be available online once seen by the GP
  • Make use of PPGs by encouraging members to use Online Services, then asking them to promote within the practice (e.g. handing out application forms in waiting rooms and talking about the benefits they’ve experienced)
  • Monitor your Patient Online registration regularly – carry out a search on your system to monitor registration and utilisation numbers
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