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As NHS England are a key contact for practices in relation to the practices core contracts and enhanced services we have gathered the contact numbers for the teams, emails address and a postal address.


If you need further details around specific enhanced services or contract details then please use the link below to our NHS England page based under Practice Management Resources.

 If we still have not been able to answer your question then below there is a link to the NHS England website where you may be able to find the information needed.


Our Practices fall under the North Central & East London Area Team at NHS England and can be contacted on 020 3182 4994 and the general email address to reach the team on is:

 The team are based at:

2nd Floor,


105 Victoria Street




Our Senior Primary Care Commissioning Manager is Lorna Hutchinson and her support is Mark Lockwood.

If you have controlled drugs related queries they can be contacted on 0113 807 0791.


All enhanced services claims need to be emailed to


For submission of QOF Evidence then they should be emailed to


For submission of Immunisation need to be emailed to


NHS England also commission SBS to provide the following:


Medical Records                       


Contract & Performance           

Exeter Support                           

These services can be contacted on 020 8536 3000 and will take you to the main menu where you will be able to select from the above options.


If a patient wishes to have access to their medical records they will need to write to the Record Team at the following address:

NHS Shared Business Services

5th Floor

4 Cam Road


E15 2SN




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