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10 Aug 2020
The North East London Cancer Alliance has made available 15 dermoscopes to BHR CCGs to test whether dermoscopy can help GPs assess skin lesions. They are looking for enthusiastic clinicians and GP practices to take part in the pilot.
10 Aug 2020
We have had reports of patients arriving for blood testing appointments without the printed copy of their test form. Please ensure all patients are provided with a paper blood form and are reminded to take this with them. The form is required in order to process a blood test.
05 Aug 2020
We are writing to share with you a number of supporting documents we have developed to both build on and bring together our vision for how we will work in partnership across north east London to provide the best health and care possible for our local populations.
04 Aug 2020
Apologies that we have been a little late updating on the LIS.
03 Aug 2020
This edition covers the youth violence commission final report and what is trauma informed care.
22 Jul 2020
Your feedback will help us work with the Trust to continue to improve this vital service and ensure we provide our patients with the best possible care in a timely way.
20 Jul 2020
Following a series of arrests in West Yorkshire this week, it has been identified that a large quantity of NERDS ROPE sweets containing cannabis oil have been industrially manufactured.
20 Jul 2020
The Trust had reported that the spoil rate of kits was quite high, with a number of bottles over filled, under filled or the labelling not correctly filled out. GPs were equally concerned by the numbers of rejected tests, and there has been a discussion about actions to ensure patient testing is improved.
01 Jun 2020
This Volunteers’ Week we want to say thank you to those in your practice who have given up their time, and gone out of their way to help us in north east London manage our response to coronavirus.
29 Apr 2020
In case you’re not all aware, there has been a new process brought in for GP practices to get their bank details changed on the SBS system for payment.
27 Mar 2020
We have received updates regarding the Cancer Alliance and a Q&A about people living with cancer during the current pandemic. You can download both of these on this page.
23 Mar 2020
This is a reminder that people in Barking & Dagenham and Havering have access to a community-based Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist service, provided by North East London Foundation Trust. This is in addition to the service in Redbridge, which went live earlier this year.
18 Mar 2020
Due to the recent increase in Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and subsequent media coverage, we are aware that mental health difficulties within the community have also been on the rise
13 Mar 2020
Yesterday the government announced that they are moving from the containment to the delay phase of its plan to tackle coronavirus. This aims to delay and lower the peak impact of the virus.
13 Mar 2020
London Ambulance Service (LAS) are asking primary care to only consider the use of LAS for patient transfer as a last resort where all other options have been ruled out.
10 Mar 2020
A Charity Bike Ride and Golf day for patients and staff.
10 Mar 2020
Barts Health have been talking to community groups, patients and staff to hear their views on their emerging plans for the Whipps Cross Hospital redevelopment.
06 Mar 2020
The February edition of Paediatric Pearls has now been published.
06 Mar 2020
Do you currently send BHRUT faxes? If so, then please note that the Trust will be phasing out all of its fax machines by 31 March 2020.
05 Mar 2020
NHS England is concerned that patients seeking information on coronavirus are being directed to call 111, rather than use NHS 111 online. NHS 111 is experiencing very high call volumes.
04 Mar 2020
If your practice would like to sign up but has not already done so follow this link to sign-up.
04 Mar 2020
Moorfields A&E has seen a significant rise in patients being sent from GP practices, often from very long distances, where closer emergency ophthalmic provision is available. In many cases, patients are sent to A&E without any discussion or referral letter
02 Mar 2020
From 17 March 2020, a new equation for the calculation of estimated glomerular filtration rate in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) suggested in the NICE guideline on CKD (2014)1 will be implemented
27 Feb 2020
This sets out what practices need to do in the case of a patient presenting with potential coronavirus symptoms.
11 Feb 2020
The series of webinars are designed to support immunisers to fulfil the requirement for annual immunisation updates and are free to access.
11 Feb 2020
The project aims to improve the support provided to students and inform the development of a referral pathways toolkit to improve the effectiveness of the referral system between London’s HEIs and NHS care providers.
11 Feb 2020
Royal Holloway University of London have developed a pack of information for GPs to understand more about working with people with personality disorders, or personality difficulties (PD). For example, this may include some challenging behaviours GPs see on a regular basis.
10 Feb 2020
NHS Counter Fraud experts have warned that fraudsters are impersonating patients in order to dupe GPs into providing evidence of ill health in order to make bogus holiday travel insurance claims.
07 Feb 2020
Our Joint Committee of Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Groups agreed the final content of our written NHS continuing healthcare placements policy.
31 Jan 2020
We are writing to inform you that the arrangements under the Special Allocation Scheme (SAS) will be changing
30 Jan 2020
It’s not too late for patients to have their Flu vaccination, and please ensure that all flu vaccinations have been entered on your clinical system.
29 Jan 2020
Please be advised that the Cardiology polling range within E-RS is being reduced to enable the Trust to book urgent patients as a priority and then book the remaining patients in chronological order from Monday 17th February 2020.
29 Jan 2020
Fifteen Champions were recruited to raise awareness of cancer amongst high risk communities, to dispel myths and misconceptions about cancer, to make people aware of when, where and how to seek help.
28 Jan 2020
Residents in Redbridge who have heart or lung conditions can now subscribe to receive alerts when air quality from pollution, UV or pollen levels across the borough is poor
28 Jan 2020
GPs in Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge should now offer FIT to patients without rectal bleeding who meet the following symptom criteria
28 Jan 2020
As flu is still circulating in the community, people at the greatest risk of contracting flu are still being encouraged to have their flu vaccination this winter
28 Jan 2020
A new contract to provide Community Urgent Treatment Centres and Out of Hours Home Visiting (OOHHV) service has been awarded to PELC
24 Jan 2020
The London Fire Brigade have confirmed that a fire is currently ongoing this morning (Friday, January 24) at the Chadwell Heath industrial estate in Dagenham
24 Jan 2020
People in Redbridge will now have access to a community-based Parkinson’s disease nurse specialist service, provided by North East London Foundation Trust
24 Jan 2020
We would like to remind GPs about the current state of blood testing in the area
23 Jan 2020
You will be aware of the evolving situation in China where, as of 23rd January 2020 it has been reported that around 571 people have been identified with respiratory infections caused by a novel coronavirus.
23 Jan 2020
BHRUT has been reviewing what King George and Queen’s hospitals should look like in the future.
22 Jan 2020
This week is the annual Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust cervical cancer prevention week and we encourage you to share information in the attached briefing about prevention of cervical cancer and how people can reduce their risk.
22 Jan 2020
Queen’s Hospital, King George Hospital and Whipps Cross Hospital are currently under extreme pressure, exacerbated by the onset of cold and icy weather.
13 Jan 2020
BHRUT has been reviewing what King George and Queen’s hospitals should look like in the future.
31 Oct 2019
The blood testing departments at Queen’s and King George hospitals, and clinics in the community are open as usual. The strike action planned for this week (6-11 November) has been cancelled
29 Sep 2019
The consultation on our proposed continuing healthcare placements policy has now closed. We would like to thank everyone who responded to the consultation, we appreciate you taking the time to comment.
15 Sep 2019
Don’t forget to tell us what you think of our proposed continuing healthcare placements policy by 5pm on Monday 30 September.
11 Sep 2019
The national flu programme 2019/20 has now been published.
10 Sep 2019
Public health bosses have confirmed that the NHS Health Checks programme is not being ‘scrapped’ in Havering – contrary to claims in a recent local media report.
19 Aug 2019
Lloyds Pharmacy is withdrawing the provision of its anticoagulation service from two locations in Havering.
13 Aug 2019
Everyone with an interest in the health of people who live, work and study in Havering is invited to comment on a new local health and wellbeing strategy.
21 Jul 2019
Age UK has announced the commencement of a series of classes designed to reduce the risk of falls for over 65s. Starting 23 July in Havering, and 24 July in Dagenham, the weekly events will cost just £3 per session.
09 Jul 2019
As you will be aware, BHRUT has significant capacity constraints in certain specialties, which have created considerable backlogs of patients on waiting lists.
07 Jul 2019
BHR CCGs has launched an online survey to seek feedback on our proposed written continuing healthcare (CHC) placements policy. We want to hear what you think of our proposed policy - your views will help us shape the final policy.
03 Jul 2019
Patients who have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can attend a full-day group diabetes education session to help support them with understanding and managing their condition.
13 Jun 2019
We are pleased to inform you that BHRUT is now live with QFIT testing
02 Jun 2019
A detailed piece of work is being undertaken by the CCGs on the apparent imbalance between the number of CAMHS access issues
13 May 2019
These are exciting times for patients having digital access to GP records and services.
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