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21 Aug 2019
We have had to reschedule the date of the Annual Learning Disabilities Health Check Conference to Thursday 31 October.
20 Aug 2019
NHS Resolution has updated their website with definitive guidance to General Practice on the administration of travel vaccinations.
20 Aug 2019
Lloyds Pharmacy is withdrawing the provision of its anticoagulation service from two locations in Havering.
14 Aug 2019
The meeting will give us the opportunity to come together to reflect on the CCGs’ challenges and achievements during 2018/19 and the priorities for the coming year, bringing together CCG staff, GPs, our local partners and patients.
14 Aug 2019
Everyone with an interest in the health of people who live, work and study in Havering is invited to comment on a new local health and wellbeing strategy.
13 Aug 2019
The guidance contains helpful information to assist GPs in their decision-making and to guide referrals for patients with a stammer.
13 Aug 2019
Due to essential works the blood testing service at Queen’s Hospital will be closed 7am - 9am on Tuesday 20 August.
08 Aug 2019
The aim of this letter is to set out the legal position relating to re-infibulation and piercing in order to inform NHS reporting on FGM and to highlight potential safeguarding risks that need to be addressed by NHS Trusts and GP Practices when re-infibulation and piercing cases are identified.
07 Aug 2019
Tubes may contain a hole or be damaged or deformed, potentially causing blood leakage and/or an inadequate blood-to-additive ratio leading to incorrect test results.
07 Aug 2019
Their specialist clinics offer a one-stop-shop for the bulk of the tests which range from ECGs, echocardiograms, exercise tests and holters. If you are suspicious that a patient has one of these conditions or has a first-degree relative with one, please refer them to the service via the electronic referral system.
07 Aug 2019
From 1 August 2019, the administration service supporting the national cervical screening programme, previously managed by Primary Care Support England (PCSE) transferred to the NHS.
02 Aug 2019
Child Health Information Services (CHIS) have a vital role in ensuring that all children in a locality are identified and that their screening and immunisation status is recorded.
31 Jul 2019
As recently reported by Public Health England, STI’s are at a 40 year high. Want to know more?
31 Jul 2019
This pilot pre-post toolkit survey should be completed when your practice has completed the Toolkit. There is one submission per practice.
23 Jul 2019
We will be holding the annual BHR LD Health Check conference on Thursday 19th September, 12pm to 4pm at the CEME conference centre in Rainham
22 Jul 2019
Age UK has announced the commencement of a series of classes designed to reduce the risk of falls for over 65s. Starting 23 July in Havering, and 24 July in Dagenham, the weekly events will cost just £3 per session.
18 Jul 2019
For the past three months we have been examining what Queen’s Hospital in Romford and King George Hospital in Ilford will look like in the future as part of developing a new clinical strategy.
17 Jul 2019
Please be aware that there is an important drug supply issue
17 Jul 2019
Please be aware that there is an important drug supply issue
17 Jul 2019
New guidance has been issued to assist GP Practices regarding the use of Open Exeter to update Prior Notification Lists (PNL), and also Non Responders
15 Jul 2019
Today, two women in England will die from cervical cancer. Deaths that could’ve been prevented by early regular screening
10 Jul 2019
As you will be aware, BHRUT has significant capacity constraints in certain specialties, which have created considerable backlogs of patients on waiting lists.
08 Jul 2019
BHR CCGs has launched an online survey to seek feedback on our proposed written continuing healthcare (CHC) placements policy. We want to hear what you think of our proposed policy - your views will help us shape the final policy.
04 Jul 2019
NHS England London Region has published two updated PGDs on its website.
04 Jul 2019
In response to queries regarding the MMR 2019/20 CQRS manual service, an expanded clinical code cluster list containing all relevant codes for the MMR service can now be accessed on the NHS Digital website.
04 Jul 2019
Patients who have been newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes can attend a full-day group diabetes education session to help support them with understanding and managing their condition.
02 Jul 2019
Are you a Health & Social Care professional passionate of improving the quality of life for people with learning disabilities?
02 Jul 2019
As of 8 July BHRUT will no longer be undertaking urine pregnancy testing at their laboratory.
24 Jun 2019
Nursing staff working in GP practices, out-of-hours services, walk-in centres and prison primary care services in England are set to receive automatic funded indemnity cover against clinical negligence claims.
21 Jun 2019
Millions of pounds worth of NHS community equipment items are thrown away each year by people who no longer have a need for them. Please encourage your patients to let us know when they have a piece of equipment they no longer need.
20 Jun 2019
The deadline for completed submissions is Monday 15 July 2019.
20 Jun 2019
Practices should ensure that any registered healthcare professional who is due to administer vaccinations under this PGD is made aware of this updated version.
20 Jun 2019
This alert gives advice for all healthcare professionals who prescribe, dispense or administer Epanutin oral suspension.
14 Jun 2019
We are pleased to inform you that BHRUT is now live with QFIT testing
13 Jun 2019
The roadshow aims to raise awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors amongst African and Caribbean men, their families and anyone concerned about the disease.
11 Jun 2019
There are more than £12.8 billion reasons why carers are important to London. And that’s just the unpaid contribution they make every year in financial terms. London’s 700,000-plus unpaid carers are the unsung heroes in our communities.
11 Jun 2019
BHRUT has informed us that they have available capacity for hips and knees – can I please ask you to bear this in mind when having choice of provider discussions with any patients that you are referring for hip and knee issues.
03 Jun 2019
A detailed piece of work is being undertaken by the CCGs on the apparent imbalance between the number of CAMHS access issues
30 May 2019
Alison Hopkins, CEO of Accelerate CIC, is urging people to play their part by checking their own and others’ legs and feet for 10 possible problems including swollen, tender legs or sores that won’t heal
29 May 2019
Public Health England have alerted us to the increased numbers of cases of measles and mumps in London
23 May 2019
I am pleased to inform you that BHRUT will be starting qFIT testing on Monday 3rd June 2019. The test kits are now available and you should be receiving them within the next week.
17 May 2019
In April 2019, CQC introduced a new process of annual regulatory reviews and focused inspections for practices rated Good or Outstanding.
15 May 2019
You will be aware that there is a mounting body of evidence which suggests that doses above 120mg morphine equivalent per day are ineffective in the treatment of non-cancer chronic pain and can lead to harm.
15 May 2019
Since September 2018, BHR CCGs have been working with local service providers and our residents, to identify opportunities to transform the lives of our older adults, through supporting them in ageing well.
14 May 2019
These are exciting times for patients having digital access to GP records and services.
13 May 2019
From 27 May 2019, Barts Health NHS Trust is making changes to its urine culture criteria
13 May 2019
Immunisers can access free monthly immunisation update training via webinars designed to support them to fulfil the requirement for annual immunisation updates.
01 May 2019
The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) has arranged four free QOF changes 2019 workshops
25 Apr 2019
Duke Elder Eye Unit at St George’s Hospital Tooting, will be re-opening Wednesday 1st May
27 Mar 2019
The new BHR Minor Surgery DES enables practices to provide MS services for their own registered list and, if they chose, to receive referrals from other non-participating GP practices.
14 Mar 2019
The workshop is aimed at non-clinical general practice staff, and will equip and empower them to raise cancer awareness in their community.
14 Mar 2019
SilverCloud is a digital option for therapy that gives patients greater choice and is an additional resource alongside existing methods of delivering Talking Therapies.
05 Mar 2019
The NHS App was launched in Havering on Monday 25 February 2019, and available for patients to download from the Apple App store and Google Playstore.
28 Feb 2019
A recent review of the latest available published FFT data (relating to December 2018) showed that over half of Havering CCG’s practices (64%) hadn’t submitted any data.
27 Feb 2019
This is a reminder that all practices should now be ordering flu vaccines for their 2019/20 populations.
15 Feb 2019
Britcrown Pharmacy is withdrawing the provision of its anticoagulation service in Havering from Thursday 28 February 2019. This means there will be a change to your patients’ anticoagulation (warfarin) service from that date.
04 Feb 2019
BHR CCGs and NELFT are currently working together on the transformation of the IAPT Talking Therapies service across Barking and Dagenham, Havering and Redbridge.
22 Jan 2019
A new initiative to encourage more healthcare staff and volunteers, to take up sign language as an extra language and skill is now available in Havering and surrounding areas.
07 Jan 2019
The plan sets out the NHS’s ambitions for the next 10 years to ensure the service is ‘fit for the future as needs change’.
21 Nov 2018
As part of our Talking Therapies programme, we are proud to announce that in early 2019 we will be launching computerised cognitive behavioural therapy.
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