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BHRUT Asthma CNS team currently provide this service on a technician basis with a consultant reporting on results , this is an interim measure while the CNS’ gain their accreditation and clinics are held weekly on a Friday at Queens hospital. 

GP’s are advised to make a referral to the CNS team  who will then assess whether lung function tests are required.

Download: Referral form 


September 2020 - news item

BHR - Urology MRI forms and 2WW requests All GPs are reminded that when referring a patient on the Urology 2WW pathway that the requirement is for an MRI request form, clearly marked “2WW”, to accompany all 2ww referrals forms.  There is no need to undertake the MRI and wait for the results before referral.

Bloods are also required across all tumour groups - if none have been undertaken already in the last 3 months, please utilise the urgent blood referral route via NELFT (insert information again)

All GPs are asked to remind patients being referred on a Breast 2ww pathway to allow 3-5 hours for their appointment to enable an assessment, diagnostic tests and results to be provided on the day.

Please can GPs encourage patients to attend their appointments at the hospital and where appropriate they will be asked to have a swab and self-isolate for three days.


Barking & Dagenham Primary Care Alliance (BDPCA) hosted a webinar with keynote speakers, Dr Adam Ainley - Respiratory Consultant Chest Clinic, King George Hospital and Dr Ramneek Hara - B&D Respiratory Lead and Clinical Director.  In the webinar they set out:

  • What is COVID 19?
  • What are the challenges that health are facing?
  • What is the current stake of the pandemic
  • What the local impact on our patients?
  • What is the long term impact?
  • What is the local pathway for patients recovering from COVID 19? 

BDPCA has shared all the materials and presentations from the session which you can now download and read.


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