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NELFT Diabetes


From 1st October 2015 a new Integrated Community Diabetes Service has been introduced. For further information please see below along with attached referral form.



Community Adult Specialist Diabetes Team

Service Location: PORTERS AVENUE

Directly Bookable: No

Age Range Treated: All ages

Gender Treated: Male and Female

Contact Address






Contact Telephone Number: 0208 522 9826  

Conditions Treated

Inclusion Criteria


Patients over the age of 16 years of age

People with Diabetes who are poorly controlled with HbA1c >8%

-on maximum tolerated diabetic oral agents

-or on insulin


-persistent frequent Hypoglycaemia

-Hypoglycaemia unawareness

Frequent hospital admissions eg Diabetes Ketoacidosis

Assessment for insulin initiation

For education and advice regarding insulin dose adjustment


New and existing type 1 diabetes patients for DAFNE structured education/ general education.

(DAFNE = Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating)

Newly Diagnosed / established Type 2 diabetes Patients for DESMOND structured education / general education.

-newly diagnosed Type 2 (up to 6 months)

-established Type 2 (more than 6 months)

(DESMOND = Diabetes Education & Self Management Ongoing & Newly Diagnosed)

Pre conceptual Advice


Please specify reason for referral

Procedures Performed

face to face only


Pregnant Women with diabetes

Patients with micro-vascular complications (Nephropathy, Neuropathy, Retinopathy) Who are not under a endocrinologist / diabetolagist

Patients with macro-vascular complications ( IHD,CVA, PVD) Who are not under endocrinologist / diabetologist

Erectile dysfunction.



Havering Clinical Commissioning Group is piloting a new way of providing diabetes care. This model has been developed using recognised best practice outlined by Diabetes UK. We have involved the local branch of Diabetes UK, as well as doctors and nurses working with the local population to plan the way diabetes care will be delivered in Havering.


The pilot service has been designed to:


  • Allow patients to receive care closer to home by having follow-up clinics in eight locations spread widely across Havering.
  • Reduce waiting times for appointment from six months to two weeks.
  • Reduce patients having to attend multiple appointments with different services through consultants and community diabetes specialist nurses running the clinic together.


This is something that we are testing through a nine month pilot which will be independently evaluated. We will then decide whether this is a change that we want to consider making permanent.


We anticipate that the new arrangements will lead to even better care, experience and outcomes for patients. So we  are keen to hear your views about what we are proposing above and on your experience of these new service arrangements.  If you have any questions about the improvements to the service; please contact me on 01708 574907 or email:


Please find attached the Service referral form, this form should be merged into your clinical systems and used every time a referral is made into this service.





*** All referrals must be made by using the attached form and via NHS E-Referrals (Choose & Book)***



Referral Criteria


  • The criteria for a referral to the Integrated Community Diabetes Service includes:


  • Poor glycaemic control (HBA1c of 58mmol or above) on optimised oral medications, after taking the treatments for a minimum of 3 months.


  • Poorly controlled Diabetes including uncontrolled episodes of Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia on maximum oral therapy or insulin.


  • Diabetes complications including neuropathy and renal disease.


  • For diabetes dietary management and education


  • For those requiring specialist Diabetes Services, including and continuous glucose monitoring


  • For those patients requiring structure education programmes


  • Patients > 18 Years Old


Exclusion criteria


Where care is led by another secondary care speciality (for example Obstetrics)



Integrated Community Diabetes Service Team:

Diabetes Specialist Nurses:

Amanda Lock

Jeanette Suters

Emma Rhodes

Lucy Brown

Lisa Moore



Dr Stojanovic

Dr Nkonge

Dr Marouf


Service Telephone Number: 01708 576267



*** All referrals must be made by using the attached form and via NHS E-Referrals (Choose & Book)***

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