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Minor Surgery - Inter Practice

Referral Criteria

Below is a document containing an extract from the Minor Surgery DES Specification and details of those procedures that can be referred under this service. Only procedures included in this list should be referred. Please make sure that the procedure you are referring meets the Referral Criteria before sending your referral.

In particular the removal of obviously clinically benign moles should not be referred on cosmetic grounds. Other benign skin lesions, e.g. skin tags and seborrhoeic warts, should not be removed on cosmetic grounds and must not be referred under this DES.

Minor Surgery DES - Scope of Procedures

Making and Receiving a Referral

Please find below Questions and Answers, and User Documentation for Referring and Accepting Practices. Please read these documents before making a Referral.

Inter-referral Q&A - Referring practices

Inter-referral Q&A - Accepting practices

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Referral and Discharge Form Templates

A standard template form (MS Word format) is available below for your use when making referrals or when feeding back to the patient’s registered GP Practice. Please ensure that if you use an alternative form that this includes, as a minimum, the information contained within the NHSE Template Referral Form.

Minor Surgery DES - Referral Form

Minor Surgery DES - Discharge Notification

DES Specification & Practice Accreditation Application Form

Please find below a copy of the current Minor Surgery DES Specification and Application Form. If you are a new provider and would like to sign-up to provide the Minor Surgery DES please complete the Application Form and send to the Primary Care Team at NHSE (London Region).

NHSE Minor Surgery Practitioner Accreditation form

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