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Learning Disabilities Easy Read Pack

Havering CCG have worked with the Community Learning Disabilities team as well as BHRUT to create a Learning Disabilities Easy Read Pack to help aid practices to carry out Learning Disability Health Checks and help practices in day to day appointments for example referral an Learning Disabilities patient.

We are currently in the process of working with Vision and EMIS to get these forms uploaded to practice systems so they are ready to be used during surgery and can be pulled through easily to make sure that this pack is user friendly to surgeries.


Within the pack you will find the following items:

1. Health Checks for People with Learning Disabilities - This is a leaflet that has been produced for patients and carers so that they are able to understand what a Health Check is and what to expect. These will be mass printed and sent to practices to go in the practice awaiting areas.

2. Easy Read Invite Letter - This has been pulled off a practice system and amended to make it slightly more clearer. This can just be uploaded into practice systems and is ready to use. The practice will only need to insert the practice telephone number in box 4.

3. Welsh Health Check (Cardiff) - This is an updated version to the original Cardiff Health Check. This version was released in 2012 and replaces the Cardiff. The document is a few pages long but contains mostly yes and no questions. When looking at the vision template it was clear that contraception, Gynaecology and Testis where missing and could only be mainly entered under the other section. We are working with Vision to get these fields added. However in the meantime we ask that you take these health elements into consideration. With regards to EMIS we have found different versions being used so this needs to be designed from scratch and therefore will take a bit longer.

4. My Health Action Plan - This has been designed for practices to complete for patients so they are aware of the actions that need to happen following a Health Check. It uses a traffic light system to allow the patients to understand if something is urgent (red), needs action soon (orange) or will need following up in the future (green). It has been highlighted that practices only have black and white printers and we are looking into a solution for this.

5. Coming to Hospital Information - This form has been created by BHRUT and is for patients once they have been referred to a secondary care service. Practices need to complete the first page which most of the information will come from a choose and book form however choose and book does not print in easy read format. The other pages of the form are just for information that the patient may need to bring certain items with them.

6. Hospital Passport - This form was created by BHRUT and is designed to be an information pack for clinicians to know who the patient is and what all their needs are. The format is things you need to know about me (red), things that are important to me (orange) and my likes and dislikes (green). The hospital are trying to distribute this where possible but have asked the GP's to aid in the distribution of this form. It maybe that practices just give this form to a carer or patient to complete or if the practice are aware that the patient has no support then help the patient to complete the important information. The aim of the passport is to allow clinicians such as A&E consultants to gain as much information as possible where the patient may not be able to communicate allergies, medication or any other important details. This is currently in paper format but BHRUT are looking into how this can go electronic so that its not dependent on the patient or carer bringing the passport to different health services. Again there is the issue of printing in colour in the practice and the CCG are in contact with BHRUT to see whether they can send batches directly to the practice.


 Please find electronic copies of the forms listed above below.


If you have questions relating to the pack then please get in contact with Jennifer Hibben on 01708574914




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