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Integrated Community Diabetes Service


Referral Criteria


  • The criteria for a referral to the Integrated Community Diabetes Service includes:


  • Poor glycaemic control (HBA1c of 58mmol or above) on optimised oral medications, after taking the treatments for a minimum of 3 months.


  • Poorly controlled Diabetes including uncontrolled episodes of Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia on maximum oral therapy or insulin.


  • Diabetes complications including neuropathy and renal disease.


  • For diabetes dietary management and education


  • For those requiring specialist Diabetes Services, including and continuous glucose monitoring


  • For those patients requiring structure education programmes


  • Patients > 18 Years Old


Exclusion criteria


Where care is led by another secondary care speciality (for example Obstetrics)



Integrated Community Diabetes Service Team:

Diabetes Specialist Nurses:

Amanda Lock

Jeanette Suters

Emma Rhodes

Lucy Brown

Lisa Moore



Dr Stojanovic

Dr Nkonge

Dr Marouf


Service Telephone Number: 01708 576267



*** All referrals must be made by using the attached form and via NHS E-Referrals (Choose & Book)***

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