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10 December 2021

Talking Therapies would like to use SMS text messages to signpost patients registered at practices across BHR to IAPT services, as well as provide them with information/guidance on mental health.

Working with NELFT, the myGP Population Team at iPLATO Healthcare will send SMS messages to patients registered at participating practices who have a mobile number and have consented to receiving SMS messages. The messages will signpost patients to one of the NELFT Talking Therapies Services.

This is a fully funded SMS service with no cost to your practice.

More information link:

Sign up link:


IAPT Talking Therapies Service

The IAPT Talking Therapies Service provides assessment and psychological therapy support for patients who you think may have a common mental health condition, and are aged 18+. You can refer patients to the service via:


NEW Phone number:  0300 300 1554  (Opt.2 for the Havering service)

NEW Website:   

The Talking Therapies website is a good resource for GPs to signpost patients to for further information about the service. It includes Frequently Asked Questions and features a Quick Referral route.

We have collaborated with NELFT to research barriers to accessing psychological therapy services and consulted with patients and the public across BHR.  The localised research indicated that IAPT was quite a clinical brand and patients preferred a more person-centred face to the service. As a result, the IAPT service will now also be know as the Talking Therapies Service for patients, carers and the public.

You can download the Havering clinical pathway for depression here

Perinatal mental health services

Perinatal mental health problems are common amongst new parents, and can affect up to 20% of women during pregnancy and in the first year after their baby’s birth.  

The IAPT service offers free, confidential talking therapy for people who have symptoms of anxiety or depression. An information sheet with details of the support that IAPT can provide to pregnant women and new parents can be found here.

We would encourage GPs to give a copy of the information sheet to all women at the six week postnatal check.

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