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COMMUNITY DIAGNOSTICS – Service Provider Changes


Following a procurement process the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has appointed two providers to deliver a suite of diagnostics in the community. The table below details the diagnostic test and who will be providing the service from 1 October 2014. We are confident that we have secured providers who will deliver a prompt, efficient and high quality service to your patients.

Table 1 Service Provider Diagnostic Test Comment

Service Provider

Diagnostic Test


Community Outpatients 24 Hour ECG Previously InHealth
Community Outpatients BP Monitoring Previously InHealth
Community Outpatients ECG Previously InHealth
Community Outpatients Echocardiogram Previously InHealth
Community Outpatients Ultrasound Previously InHealth
InHealth Audiology Previously InHealth
InHealth Endoscopy Previously InHealth
InHealth Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) Previously InHealth



Service Start Date
The new service arrangements will begin on 1 October 2014 so please send all referrals from this date to the new provider as appropriate. All referrals received by 30 September 2014 will be managed by InHealth as the current provider of the service.

Methods of Referral
There will still be two methods of referral as follows:

  1. Choose and Book (preferred method)
  2. Referral Form (via email or fax)

The relevant provider’s referral form, contact details and information on service locations are attached to this email but can also be found at the weblinks below:

In Health: 

Community Outpatients:

Contact for Queries

We are working closely with both providers to ensure the transition process is as smooth as possible and that the quality of services is not compromised during this setting up period. As the new services are established, we would be keen to hear from you if you or your patients are experiencing any difficulties so we can address any problems as they arise.

If anything is unclear or you are experiencing difficulties with the change of provider, please contact the relevant provider in the first instance (details attached), or alternatively contact:

GP Alert System:


Tel: 01708 574902



Please find below various referral forms and contact details

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