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Community Treatment Team


The Community Treatment Team is made up with:



Occupational Therapists


social workers

Admin staff


The Team offer two services:

  • Working in the community to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions where possible.
  • Working within A&E departments at Queens and King George's to assess patients and support them return to home and prevent hospital admission where possible.



Please find attached some of the conditions that are an acceptable referral and a leaflet to explain more about the service.


If you have any queries, concerns or questions then please contact the team on 020 3644 2799.


If you need to speak to a manager then please call Caroline O'Haire on 07713391328 or email her on Caroline.O'


Havering is experiencing a large increase in hospital admissions at Queens and King Georges Hospital for adult patients with Cellulitis. If we act now we can turn this trend around I am sure. The Ambulatory Care Guidelines 2012 state that 60-90% of patients with uncomplicated cellulitis can be treated within the community setting and we know patients prefer to be treated in their own homes.

 Cellulitis Emergency Admissions


We have a cellulitis pathway in place provided by the Community Treatment Team (CTT) and where it's clinically appropriate, I urge you to use it. GPs who see patients with cellulitis and think IV antibiotics are indicated can refer directly to the CTT and they will start the pathway with the patient and administer IV antibiotics in the community.

The pathway is directed at allowing patients to be cared for at home by CTT rather than being admitted to hospital. 

I have attached the community cellulitis guidelines for your information and the pathway as a separate document which clearly states the inclusion and exclusion criteria for this service.


IV Fluid administration 

We are also experiencing an increase in admissions for adult patients with dehydration. The Community Treatment Team can also administer IV fluids for patients who are dehydrated and where possible will utilise a step up bed rather than a bed in the acute hospital. If you have patients with dehydration and you feel they need IV fluids as a treatment plan, please call and discuss this first with the CTT.

The Community Treatment Team can be contacted on 020 3644 2799 or 07940 301396 between 8am and 10pm, seven days a week.



Please see below for Cellulitis Pathway and IV Pathway

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