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Community Diagnostics

Omnes Healthcare Ltd took over from Concordia Community Outpatients Ltd earlier this year and e-RS has now been updated to reflect this. 

The change will be made from Friday, 6 December and “Omnes Healthcare Ltd” will appear in place of “Concordia Community Outpatients Ltd”. This doesn’t have any effect on GPs abilities to refer to the services. This is explained in more detail in the guide:   

(in the below chart, please substitute Concordia for Omnes)

Methods of Referral

There will still be two methods of referral as follows:

  • E-referrals (formerly Choose and Book) (preferred method)
  • Referral Form (via email)

The relevant provider’s referral form, contact details and information on service locations are attached to this email but can also be found at the weblinks below:

Contact for Queries

If anything is unclear or you are experiencing difficulties, please contact the relevant provider in the first instance, or alternatively contact: GP Alert System     


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