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Obesity Management

The Public Health team have many programs to help aid weight lose. Some of these are:

  • Change4Life (National Program)
  • Physical Activity Referral Scheme
  • And support the Health and Sport Development Team put in place sport and physical activities for all the family. 

Please find below details for change4life and the link to the website.

Please find below the details to the Health and and sport development team and what they are currently doing.

Havering's Everyone Active exercise referral scheme is now only accepting electronic referral forms, once this has been received by the Exercise Referral team the patient will then be contacted via email to complete a health questionnaires, which are to be completed prior to having the initial consultation with the qualified Exercise Referral Instructor. Once the forms are completed they will be invited for their consultation at their chosen leisure centre.

The patients will also be required to access an app called EXi, (NHS - approved exercise prescription app) which encourages the patient to log their activity and measurements. 

The scheme runs for is 12 weeks, week 1 consultation, week 6 half way review and 12 week final assessment. There are another 12 weeks of follow ups where the patient is still supported in their health and fitness journey. 

Offered to the patient immediately on starting the scheme, is a discounted membership paid by monthly direct debit. This discount is for 6 months. 

In Summary, 

  • Online referral for GP or Medical Professional to complete per patient
  • Patients must have email to complete health questionnaires
  • New NHS-approved app called EXi for patients to use
  • 12 week scheme
  • 6 month discounted gym membership (includes gym, swim and fitness class)paid by monthly Direct debit 

Referral form link:

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria.

 Further information contact:

Charlene Wickham | GP Referral Coordinator
Tel: 01708 454135

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