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BHRUT cancer referral

Please find below the GP Matrix, a useful tool to  provide you with the basic requirements when you are referring a patient to BHRUT.

Eight Cancer rules

As well as using the GP Matrix, we’d ask you to follow these eight rules for all cancer referrals.

  1. Please continue to use e-referrals and attach referrals at the time of booking
  2. Please check “referrer alert” any other essential information on DOS
  3. Please ensure the patient has had recent blood tests (i.e. not more than 3 months)
  4. Please organise the necessary tests to be done prior to referral (as outlined on the GP Matrix)
  5. Please include the most up to date contact detail for the patient (address, mobile/home, email)
  6. Please print letter and give to patient even if you ‘defer to provider’
  7. Please inform patients that the Cancer Referral Office will contact them after 72 hours after the GP referral and please ask patients to be available for their first Outpatients appointment (OPA) within 14 days, with diagnostic tests and treatment within 62 days
  8. Please keep an eye on your worklist 

Day 28 Faster Diagnosis – radiology request forms at time of referral

With the introduction of the Day 28 Faster Diagnosis coming into force the way we tell our patients whether cancer is diagnosed or ruled out has now changed. This means patients should receive a definitive diagnosis or ruling out of cancer within 28 days of a referral. As a result of this new standard, we need your help to do or request bloods.

Please complete and attach the Radiology request form at the time of referral. This will prevent your patients being delayed on their pathway. Please refer to GP Matrix for specific details relating to each tumour groups.

With this new standard, there will be big opportunities to centre the pathway on the patients, focus on better communication with patients and our primary care colleagues and enable speedier and more efficient diagnosis and treatment. 

Cancer Team

Clinical Leads

Macmillan GP

Cancer Research UK Facilitator

End of Life Care Facilitator

  • Ruth Crossley 
  • Tel: 0300 3001642 
  • Mobile: 07710 388 998
  • Fax: 020 3644 2518


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